Entrepreneure, Béatrice Therrien decides to found Espace b design at the beginning of 2016 in order to give free rein to her creative spirit and participate in exciting projects. An architectural technologist and interior designer, Béatrice stands out for her great will and her meticulousness, but also for her fruitful imagination, which allows her to present concepts that surpass the expectations of her clientele. Under the aegis of its energetic founder, Espace b design offers services both in terms of renovation and new construction. For the plans of your new dream home or to refurbish your current space, we can accompany you at all stages of the project to meet your needs, while respecting your budget. We also offer services of cook, a central room in all the houses, and 3D prospects. Do you have an idea? Space b design will carry out it in the long term while guaranteeing you a result exceeding your expectations and the peace of mind.